Gaia's Plunder by Natalie Allgyer

Gaia's Plunder by Natalie Allgyer

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Limited edition fine art photographic print, matted to 10" x 10", this piece is special order from the artist and may take a little more time than normal to print and ship.  

Other sizes may be special ordered by contacting the gallery at 979=206-2222 or 512-657-4275.

Artist statement about this piece:

Isolation, quarantine, shelter-in-place, social distancing. Words that you generally don’t hear in your day to day life, and some you’ve never heard before this (like social distancing) are now common place. The entire world is on some level of lock down. It feels loanly, scared, insecure, ______ <— insert-more-words-for-how-shitty-this 



For some of us feelings of depression, and anxiety are kicking in as a result. Based on what I’ve been reading; they say that those of us feeling those feelings at this point in the quarantine game that you are actually “normal”. So bravo to us! 


While we are all on some level familiar with the emotional crud at this point that isn’t why I’m here. I need a favor- Can you ponder this next question? 


Have you found the gift in all of this drama yet? 


Think hard. You know the one. It’s small, and hard to see, but it’s definitely there. ESP as we fall I to routines. 


Our busy lives have been violently forced to a halt. Our schedules are clear. There is time for working out, and board games with the kids (in small doses  ), time to create, time to cook, time to clean, or not clean. Whatever! The point is that we now most of us have the time to do the things we wish we could do when there isn’t any with the people we love the most. To those that don’t. Like our essential workers. I salute you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your selfless actions in this time of need.


If I’m being honest. I created this piece, and wrote this blurb just for myself. This is my way of dealing with the big scary world we live in right now. While I can go on and on about what inspired this piece, and the symbolism of it, I won’t. Just know that there aren’t any accidents in any of my of my work. Ever. Every tiny ball of light, nuancical color choices, angles, it’s all on purpose. What is important here is- I want to hear what YOU see. What YOU feel. At the end of the day art is for everyone. Artists are mere conduits for the Divine. It’s a gift that most of us will never take for granted. I am delighted to share my gift with the world! While this piece is pretty dark. I’m sure that many will identify with it. So tell me, and tell the world. 


What does this piece say to you? Share with me in whichever way you feel called."