"Time is On Our Side" (Master) by Leslie Kell

"Time is On Our Side" (Master) by Leslie Kell

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In-Between Collection

In the artist's own words: "The shapes and forms of flowing landscape have always intrigued me. Not only do I love the compositional opportunities, but the rhythm of the textures and shapes offer such storytelling riches.

Vistas provide a vantage point that highlights the relationship of our own presence in space with the mysteries of a far-off horizon. The sensation of our unique memories and experiences layered with possibilities of the unseen is dizzying.

These images seek the shadowed realities that can not be seen until we reach the apex and look back, revealing the echoes of lifetimes playing across the topography. It’s in the space that lies in-between that we find where we belong.

Titles are inspired by the lyrics “Road to Nowhere” by the Talking Heads."

Artist Master Image
26 x 18
digital photo collage, mixed media: archival inks on canvas, acrylic paint, natural branch suspended with translucent line.