Once in a Lifetime (with Cinemagraph) by Leslie Kell

Once in a Lifetime (with Cinemagraph) by Leslie Kell

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'Once in a Lifetime' digital photograph collage from the Mindscape Collection measures 8" x 10", coated in resin and mounted to wood.

Artist's Reflection:  "You'll see some influences of formal English gardens in this piece along with the architectural forms that I love. I've used photos taken in the Chicago area and various green spaces. Koi fish meander in the foreground to add a splash of color. One social media comment called this the 'Hallway to Heaven'. I kind of like that.

The title comes from 'Once in a Lifetime' by the Talking Heads."

Included is an HD digital download of the piece from the artist as part of the Corona Creations Collection.

"In my “artist in residency” here in Manchaca, I’ve found myself concentrating on the remastered video versions of my digital photographic compositions. 

It seems that this moment while the world is closing down in so many ways, it has opened up and is embracing digital content and connections. 

Since the festivals are canceled and the physical encounter is postponed, it seemed a good time to create for the sake of creation. I like the idea of artwork that can transport you to another place and time. I’d like to offer a moment of quiet and relaxation, a chance to escape into a positive oasis during these difficult times.

I’ve added several new cinemagraphs to my collections, created channels on IGTV and YouTube. I suggest a comfortable chair, full screen viewing. Sit back and take a break for a few minutes.

To view the cinemagraph of Once in a Lifetime, go to youtube.com/user/kellcreative/videos.